Sweet & Dandy Mauby is one of Rose & Laflamme (Barbados) Ltd's top selling products and is the best mauby flavour in the Caribbean. Mauby is a tree bark-based beverage grown, and widely consumed, in the Caribbean. It is made with sugar and the bark and/or fruit of certain species in the genus Colubrina, a small tree native to the northern Caribbean and south Florida. Recipes usually include other ingredients as well, spices such as aniseed being very common. Mauby was traditionally a fermented beverage made in small batches, but is now predominantly a commercial non-fermented soft drink.

Sweet & Dandy Mauby is the industry leader in Barbados. We produce mauby syrup in a full range of sizes. (e.g 1 Gallon, 2 Litre, 750 mL and 375 mL bottles)

INGREDIENTS: Water, Cane Sugar, Mauby Bark, Spices, Essence, Caramel.

Directions: Mix 1 part of Sweet & Dandy Mauby Syrup with 4 parts of cold water for refreshing drink.

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