Rose & Laflamme (Barbados) Ltd produces a wide range of Flavours and Flavour Concentrates. We have listed on this page a full range of the flavours and products we produce. Below are a sample of some of our products.

Sweet & Dandy Mauby is the industry leader in Barbados. We produce mauby syrup in a full range of sizes. (e.g 1 Gallon, 2 Litre, 750 mL and 375 mL bottles)

INGREDIENTS: Water, Cane Sugar, Mauby Bark, Spices, Essence, Caramel.

Directions: Mix 1 part of Sweet & Dandy Mauby Syrup with 4 parts of cold water for refreshing drink.

A few of our Syrups

Products & Brands Listing

We manufacture a full range of drink flavours and products.

Flavour Extracts
Cloudy Concentrates
Ice Cream Flavours
Ice Cream Bases
Cherries for Ice Cream
Ice Cream Stabilizer
Ice Cream Colour
Essence Concentrates
(e.g. Almond, Lemon, Vanilla, Rose, Mixed)

Cherries & Mixed Peels

Glace Cherries
Whole & Broken Maraschino Cherries for Ice Cream
Mixed Peel (Orange & Lemon)

Jams & Marmalade

Raspberry Jam
Pineapple Jam
Strawberry Jam
Orange Marmalade
Mixed Fruit Jam

Pie Fillings


Donut Dips



Full Range of Essense concentrates (Fixed, Almond, Vanilla etc) Full Range of Liquid Colours
Juice Drinks Bases/Flavours
Orange Base
Pineapple Base
Fruit Punch Base

Icicle/Snocone Flavours (Full Range)

Icicle Stabilizer

Full List of Flavoured Syrups

(Available by 1Gallon or 2 Litre Cases of Six)
Grenadine Syrup
Simple Syrup
Lime Lemon Bar Syrup and Pancake Syrup
Sweet & dandy Mauby Syrup
Chocolate Syrup

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