Rose & Laflamme Frequently asked Questions

Who is Rose & Laflamme (Barbados) Ltd?

Rose & Laflamme (Barbados) Ltd is a registered company who is the leading manufacturer of Flavours, Essences and Flavour Concentrates in Barbados and the Caribbean.

When was Rose & Laflamme (Barbados) Ltd founded?

The original company Rose & Laflamme (West Indies) Limited commenced operations in March 1970. In 1983 majority interest acquired by US corporation, which ceased operation in Barbados in 1987. The original shareholders re-opened the present company Rose & Laflamme (Barbados) Ltd. which is now a thriving business.

What kind of products do you produce?

Here at Rose & Laflamme (Barbados) Ltd, we produce Flavouring Extracts, Ice Cream Bases, Essence Concentrates, Maraschino Cherries, Jams, Pie Fillings, Syrups. You can find a full range of our products by clicking here.

Where is the company located?

Rose & Laflamme (Barbados) Limited is located at Building #9, Newton, Industrial Estate, Christ church, Barbados.

Do you export your products to other territories?

Yes. We export most of our products across the Caribbean, South America, North America and Canada and the United Kingdom.

How can I purchase your products?

For interested persons in Barbados, you can purchase them in any supermarket or minimart. You can place orders by calling 428-8841, or 428-4112 or by sending a fax to 420-8523. You also can visit us at Building #9, Newton Industrial Estate, Christ Church to purchase your products. If you are located outside of Barbados in the United States of America, the United Kingdom or Canada, we have a list of suppliers in on this page who you can contact to source our products.

How do I place an order for Rose & Laflamme Products?

You can send us an e-mail at or contact us at (246) 428-8841. You can also use the contact us form on your website to make an inquiry about our products or to place an order.

How long will orders usually take to get to me?

If you are a local customer, you will receive the products within 24 - 48 hours of placing the order. Please note that we deliver to commercial businesses only, and not to residential homes for personal use. For our international customers in the Caribbean and the wider world, it depends on your distance from our suppliers and the shipping method which is used. Upon ordering you will be given information pertaining to the shipping method.

Do you produce any alcoholic beverages?

No. We produce flavour and concentrates. You can find a full range of our products by clicking here.

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